Cake Flavors

We offer a wide variety of Gourmet Flavors.  If you don’t see a flavor you’re looking for, please ask, we can usually accommodate any request!

Cake Flavors

Ambassador  White cake with Grand Marnier flavor, raspberry buttercream, finished in Grand Marnier buttercream.

Basilic  Chocolate cake, rum flavor, a layer of chocolate buttercream and a layer of raspberry buttercream, finished in chocolate buttercream.

Black Forest  Chocolate cake, kirsch flavor, whipped cream and tart cherries.

Cappuccino Mousse  White cake, coffee flavor, with a delightful white chocolate and mocha mousse.

Chocolate Buttercream  Chocolate cake, vanilla flavor, chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Mocha  Chocolate cake, flavored with coffee liquor, mocha buttercream, with ganache drizzled in between layers.

Chocolate Mousse  Chocolate cake, vanilla flavor, chocolate mousse.

Couronne  Chocolate cake, flavored with coffee liquor, one layer of mocha buttercream, one layer of chocolate buttercream, finished in mocha buttercream.

Ganache  Chocolate cake, rum flavor, chocolate mousse encased in ganache.

Grand Marnier Mousse  White cake, flavored with Grand Marnier, filled with Grand Marnier mousse, encased in ganache. (Can drizzle ganache between layers if encasing isn’t preferred)

Hazelnut Mousse  White cake, flavored with hazelnut liquor, hazelnut mousse filling.

Kaluha Mousse  White cake, flavored with coffee liquor, mocha mousse.

Lemon Mousse  White cake, flavored with lemon, lemon mousse filling.

Marquis  Chocolate cake with a Grand Marnier flavor, one layer of chocolate buttercream one layer of Grand Marnier buttercream, finished in Grand Marnier buttercream.

Mascotte  White cake, hazelnut flavor, filled with hazelnut buttercream.
Mocha Buttercream White cake, flavored with coffee liquor, mocha buttercream.

Noisette   Chocolate cake, flavored with amaretto, filled with chocolate- praline buttercream.

Peach Melba  White cake, Grand Marnier flavor, sliced peaches and whipped cream on one layer, raspberry preserve on another layer, topped with marzipan (can be included in a middle layer if not preferred on top).

Raspberry Duchess  White cake with a layer of raspberry preserves, white chocolate mousse.

Raspberry Mousse  White cake, raspberry flavor, raspberry mousse filling.

Simple White Mousse  White cake, simply sweetened whipped cream filling

Strawberry Mousse  Chocolate cake with strawberry liquor flavor, strawberry mousse filling.