Custom order overview

We do all sorts of custom cakes and cookies. We are able to make THE treat you want. From hoverboards, to stacked books, to custom “stained glass” cakes, logo’d cookies, custom shapes, custom macaron flavors and colors, petit four assortment and cakes that will stun you for how real they look. (did you see the rooster cake?) We have cake and macaron stands for rent to help make your special day pop with pizazz. Our decorators are super creative, just ask! We are able to make our own cookie cutters, so within some technology bounds and time, we are able to do a lot of creative designs. We also print our own edible images from most logos to top cakes or cookies with.

  • We have some limitations on copyrighted material, but contact us to what we can do.
  • We need time (at least a week) to make the custom work, and may be booked, so please plan this early enough to allow our artists to make the perfect custom cake, cookie or pastry!

Check out our other pictures, and when you’re ready, fill out our form to get the process going!