Meet the owners


Sadie and Randy are a husband and wife team that own and run the long time family bakery. Quality and a passion for producing yummy treats from scratch keep us going.  Sadie is the brains and brawn behind the bakery, and Randy likes to say he just makes cameo appearances.

Sadie started off decorating cakes in 2007, became a Wilton cake decorating instructor, won several local Denver cake shows including, Sweet Times in the Rockies, and the Denver Country Fair competitions. She is the marketer, cake decorator, scheduler, delivery person, manager, and one of the pastry chefs and baker.

Randy keeps the equipment running, helps with marketing, quality control (tasting everything!) and the tech side.  Randy helped make the first weekly special at the bakery when we opened, cannolis, which we still have today.

Sadie was an environmental consultant in a previous career and Randy still works in IT, so you’ll still see our values on recycling, reuse, and IT geekiness throughout our bakery. Our passion for good quality food, that is authentic and fresh is what we strive for. We love being a small, local Arvada business.

Randy’s Favorite pastry:  OMG.  How do I choose!?!  Since I’m the web guy, I can write a bit more here.  I always answer this one in multiple ways.  Favorite personal pastry is a Nun.  Favorite cake is the Grand Mariner.  Favorite cookie is ANY of our sugar cookies.  Favorite mini pastry is a toss up between the Tiramisu or Peanut Butter Pie.  Breakfast pastry is a cherry turnover.

Sadie’s favorite pastry: