An owners reflection on from scratch baking

A guilty pleasure of mine is Kitchen Nightmares. I actually like Gordon Ramsay, if you get a chance see the ‘F-Word’ on BBC, you’ll see a fantastic side of Gordon. He’s wise, passionate, a local food pusher, and pushes high standards. So when we see what happens with the episodes, his insistence is always fresh, vibrant, local if possible, and from scratch made. I just watched an episode he made in Colorado. Why would a patron eat in a store that didn’t make it fresh? Why would you want to go to a store when they just defrost someone else’s product? Do you know what’s in that product? I do. I watch all of our staff make spectacular, yummy desserts, made from scratch. Seriously, ask any chef in Denver to see if they make their own laminated dough (the dough we make our croissants and breakfast pastries with) from scratch, they will tell you they buy it. We have Val. She makes all our croissant dough. She makes it the old fashioned way, on our sheeter. Who makes our bread every day? Our baker does. Who makes our yummy cakes? Lynn. How does Lynn make our cakes? From scratch. We make sponge, which is meringue, flour and butter. How do we make our macarons? From almond flour, eggs and sugar. How do I (yes, even I make from scratch) our Pizzelles ? From flour, sugar and eggs. Yes some anise extract, but extract, not flavoring. Ingredients: alcohol, water, oils. Did you know that Sadie makes her own vanilla extract out of alcohol and beans? And wow, is it flavorful, and the good ones too, Tahitian beans. They are more expensive, but we know that you guys can taste the difference.

From scratch is one of the core values of our bakery, we know that is what makes our customers come back again and again. Thank you for supporting us!

Best cinnamon rolls in Arvada?

Wow.  Two people have come in this morning, and told us that ours are the best.  One lady even googled “best cinnamon rolls in Arvada” and we came up.   Someone also told us that in another city they use a special ingredient, which is why theirs is so good.  Cardamom.   Its no wonder they are getting noticed on Mother’s day.  groan.  Yes.  CardaMOM.  Dad’s everywhere are in stitches with that corny one.  I guess we’re behind on the marketing, but cardamom been a key ingredient for us all along.  Originally from Sweden, cinnamon rolls are supposed to have Cardamom in them.  Now, our rolls are not the moist, drippy, gooey, syrupy ones that some like.  Our rolls are traditional sweet rolls glazed with a pourable fondant that has been mixed with our simple syrup (made with real sugar), to be a glaze.   They have the right mix of spices of cinnamon and cardamom.  From scratch dough by the way.  Not some out of the bag mix we have seen at the restaurant supply houses.   Mix and water?  That’s not a cinnamon roll.  Our dough is handmade.  Eggs, flour, butter, yeast, milk, water, salt, sugar.  All things you can pronounce.  We roll out the dough on our dough sheeter  (possibly one of the coolest pieces of equipment we have) and then hand form them.  It’s a lot of work.  But you know what, I guess that’s why people are telling us we have the best cinnamon rolls in Arvada.  I think we might go national..   🙂

I tried to get a picture, and they were already half gone.  We opened up 45 min early as people tried to get Mom’s treats early.


Have a Sweet Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Sweets

This Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day!

Don’t you think the mothers in our lives deserve a sweet treat to say thank you for all that they do?

Moms are there for us to kiss the owies, lend us a shoulder to cry on, set us straight when we get out of line, encourage us to pursue our passions, and many other littler things that we take for granted. This Sunday, take some time to say Thank You to the moms in your life whether it be with a sweet treat from La Patisserie, a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed, or something as simple as a hug!

Thank you Mom!!!

See you soon!

Sadie & Randy
La Patisserie Francaise



Colorado Plus Black Forest Cake Ale

La Patisserie Francaise partnered with Colorado Plus and made a beer! We use tart cherries in our Black Forest pastries which leaves us with cherry juice leftover. Adam and I decided that we needed to brew this into a chocolate cherry stout. Chocolatey, with cherry tartness and very smooth. It came out at 8.2%. Check out this limited beer at Colorado Plus today.



Pre-order Easter goodies

So we have some cool stuff coming up for Easter, and most of them get pre-ordered. We have such a rush for Easter, that in order to service all the customers, we ask that you order ahead so you’ll guaranteed your Easter treats. Goodies this year will still include:

Hot Cross Buns
Easter Egg Cakes
Easter Cookies
Dinner Rolls
Breakfast pastries
and more!

Call or email the shop, and we’ll take care of you.

Cannolis and strudel?

Italian and German? What gives, I thought you were a French bakery?

We get this from time to time, and thought we would address it. Most bakeries carry other products, we see it all over the United States and the world, yes, even Paris! The Italian products started as a weekly special. Randy’s heritage is Italian and decided that cannoli’s were something fun and yummy to start with, and they are now one of our hottest sellers. Our local customers have asked for certain items as a special order, and they just catch on. That’s the biggest praise in our book. And have you tried our cannolis or our strudel’s? They are to die for!

We have a majority of French pastries, and in the end, most of our traditional baking techniques are French in nature. For example, we use French technique pate choux for our eclairs, but use Italian meringue for our macarons (OMG, the horror!). Sadie and I were very fortunate to get to Paris for a traditional macaron cooking class, and we learned that of the two techniques, most chefs prefer the Italian meringue technique, which is more stable and softer, not French. Now, the Parisians aren’t now waving little Italian flags, but in the end it’s still just whites and sugar, just a different technique. Fun fact!

So next time you are in, know that we cater to our customers sweet tooth, no matter which country the pastry is actually from. If you want to stay French, ask us which pastries will make you say c’est magnifique, and we’ll be sure to show you.

First Post!

We have changed our website to a new system, and hope this will help give our customers better information and a little more personal view into our bakery. We hope you like it!