Its getting to be that time!

Sadie likes to celebrate one holiday at a time.  We don’t like to see Halloween in July and Valentines right after the first of the year.   We try to keep our window display one holiday at a time.  No carols before December, we like to experience all the holidays in proper order, but sometimes the pre-orders start up early.  We received our first Yule Log order almost two weeks ago and another couple this week.  We have other orders coming in for the holiday in December (shh.. don’t say it around Sadie…).   We talked today about Pizzelles and Ricciarelli’s.  We have pies and bread orders starting for Thanksgiving (see, that’s ok this month).   I know because of the weather I have to warm up my Parisian hot chocolate skills.  We are gearing up for the big holiday, November and December are huge months for us.  All of our staff will be making sweet treats and you’ll see the old favorites roll out.  The peppermint truffle will probably make an appearance soon.  My mouth is watering as I type.  Christmas is coming!  Oops…

Long time, no blog

Whoa, it’s been a bit.  We’ve been busy this year.  Our breakfast pastries, breads, and desserts are now in several restaurants in town.  How cool is that? Some of our wholesale customers asked us to do something different for a couple of their functions.  We did a flan, and tres leches cake, as well as a couple of different cookies (a really yummy cinnamon one, and a hazelnut chocolate chip),  and we have a couple more new pastries up our sleeve.  I’m not letting too much out yet, but we are perfecting the final presentation, but they taste OMG amazing..    We have several events coming up in Arvada, and will post exactly when and where, so you won’t miss the yummy desserts.  We have a beer fest, where we will be selling some goodies we don’t have in the shop to try them out and stretch our culinary legs a bit.  We’ve sold them before and we make them as special items, and beer is in them!   Can you guess?

We make so many items, sometimes an item falls off, or we retire one for a season, like our pizzelles.  I know some of you have asked about them.  Randy is the one who normally makes them.  As you might not know, he is an IT geek, and has been traveling a bit more, and hasn’t had much kitchen time.  Pizzelles are traditionally Christmas cookies, but sometimes we just like to make them.  Some of our customers have noticed and ask for them all the time.  Not to disappoint, we make them on special order, or if Randy is in, he makes them just to put out.  One request which is tough to fill is Parisian hot chocolate.  It’s possibly the best drink on earth (ok, biased), but we start with Belgian chocolate, rich whole milk, a little sugar and some love (awww..).  It’s sort of a chore to make, and we make it for our staff on special occasions, but we do sell it when we have it.   Since it’s summer, we haven’t made some lately, but if you hear we have some, try some, I guarantee, it’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.  For our #1 chocolat chaud fan, thank you for the wedding referral!

Bit of a ramble on this post, but we are just two owners, who want to share a bit of our life in the bakery with you, our loyal customer.  We believe that being small, local, and from scratch is why you keep coming back.  We love to meet our customers.  Most hit us up at events, and some ask us to sit down to share the joy our pastries have made throughout their life.  Lots of people tell us their mom took them here, and now they take their children here.  Being in business almost 28 years and being part of your lives is totally flattering to us.  We love to hear those stories.  It truly is why we own this bakery.  THANK YOU!!

P.S. – (can you still write that?) – I promise to do more photos in the blog.  We have LOTS in Facebook, but I think a blog should have cool photos too.

The great ricotta shortage of 2015 is over

Well, that’s a bit dramatic of a title, but it did feel like a lifetime for me.  We really only use ricotta in one of our recipes, cannolis.  It wasn’t that there were not other options for ricotta, but frankly those other ones were subpar.  Our supplier had three different kinds, which we tried, and were just not good enough.  All the supermarkets have ricotta, aren’t those sufficient? Nope.  We standardized on one kind.  It’s THE best.  The others taste a little off, have a funny consistency, and just aren’t what you’ve come to expect from us.  So instead of making some and just getting them out to sell, we waited for the good stuff to come back into stock.  It was killing me not to have them.   It’s important to us that you, our customer gets the very best, and consistent standard you’ve come to expect from any of our products.    We don’t take a change ingredients lightly around here, in fact, we’re a little stubborn.  So, while the world did not see a major shortage, we did.  Thanks for your patience as we waited with you.   Cannolis are back!

Peppermint Patty Macarons

Well, we tried something out and OMG, it’s awesome.  I am in charge of the all of the chocolate tempering for some reason.  We use real good Belgian chocolate.  I am partial to the dark stuff, and this is 53.7%.  Milk chocolate is around 33%.  I found some old peppermint patty candy molds and we made supper yummy peppermint patties that have yet to make it out onto the floor, as we keep eating them, but we are making “truffles” and individual candies.  We make pistachio ganache, raspberry, salted caramel, hazelnut, and we just did peppermint cream filled chocolates.  BUT, we took our peppermint cream and put them on chocolate macaroons.  Uh oh.  Heaven.  We have them in the case and I think they’ll be quick to sell out (don’t worry Sadie keeps a good eye on that and will make some more).  Peppermint just seems the right flavor for the holidays.  Very Christmas-ey in my opinion.  Oh yeah, try some of our homemade chocolates too, Sadie just put them out.

IMG_5732I haven’t got a good picture of the macarons yet, as we keep “trying” them out.  But here is our chocolates.   Aren’t they pretty?  We haven’t settled on a certain shape and flavor. Let us know what you think.

We are thankful for you!!

Randy and I are truly thankful this year!

We are thankful for the best customers imaginable! We have been apart of some of the greatest moments of your lives over the last year. Your birthdays, your weddings, baby showers, engagements, and more. Thank you for sharing these events with us.

We are really thankful for Word of mouth recommendations! That is the greatest form of flattery for my bakery! Thank you for recommending us to your friends!!

We are thankful to be the Best! You voted La Patisserie Francaise #4 Best Bakery in the Denver Area! Out of 83 bakeries, you loved us enough to get in the top 5. We are honored by your loyalty!

We are thankful to have met many of you. At the events in the local arvada community or right here in our shop, we enjoy saying hi, chatting with you, and listening to your stories. Next time you’re in, please say hi!

Thank you all for an amazing 2014! We are excited about 2015 brings!!

—thankfully yours,
Sadie & Randy

Come Visit Us at Lots of Events in November

Do you feel it in the air???  It’s getting to be the holiday season…..well, you probably don’t feel it in the “air” since the fall weather has been AMAZING!!  But signs of the holidays are appearing EVERYWHERE!

To kick of the holiday season, November is busy with lots of events!!  We’ll be handing out free samples at all of these events.  Please stop by and say hi!

November 13th We will be at the Apex Center in Arvada for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce’s annual Taste of Arvada.  Come sample the amazing food that Arvada has to offer!  Pre-purchase tickets at the bakery or visit  Ticket prices go up at the door.  It’s great to get all the tastes of food and beverages for the low price of $12!!!  Or, if you purchase VIP tickets, you get in 1 hour early, get all the fresh samples, and avoid the crowds!  Family packs also available!!!

Taste of Arvada

November 14th We will be at the Lamar Street Event Center.  Have you ever been there?  It has awesome motorcycles and classic cars on display!  It’s Wine For the Holidays!!  Good food, good wine, and a silent auction!  What could be better.  At a new venue this year, should be amazing!  Sponsored by the City of Arvada.  Buy tickets early, it tends to sell out!!  Go to their website for more info!

November 20th is an example of cloning at it’s finest!  We will be at 2 locations at the same time!!!

November 20th we will be at Echter’s Gardens for Girlfriend’s Night Out.  Echter’s semi-annual event to benefit a local charity.  Pre-purchase your tickets at the link above.
And, also on November 20th, we will be at Lamar Street Event Center for the Shop Local Holiday Extravaganza!  100 vendors and food booths!  Buy your Christmas gifts, and enjoy great food!!!

We hope to see you there!!!

The owners favorites?

Sadie and I get asked all the time, what is your store favorite items? or don’t you get sick of this stuff? We remind ourselves often that it’s so very cool that we have not gotten sick of anything! But here is a list of my favorites:

Cherry turnovers – OMG yummy. We take our laminated dough and then add real cherries, wrap them up, and into the oven! The strudels are a close favorite too!
Ham and Cheese – I’m actually a bit more savory than sweet, so I really dig these.

Cookies – I’m a sucker for our sugar cookies (sometimes they don’t even make it into the oven), tuilles, ricciarelli’s and the pizzelles (of course). Our macarons are absolute heaven. I never was a salted caramel fan until I had some of ours. WOW! are they good.

Pastries – Nuns and “East Coast” eclairs. I am from Connecticut and our eclairs back east were made with more custard than the 25/75 ratio of mousse to custard like we use. We put them on special every now and again. 100% house made custard, yum! I do like a lot of our petit fours, especially the bon-bons. Fruit tarts! These are so darn good. We use fresh fruit that we cut up daily into our tart shells and pastry cream. Get one!

Small dessert pastries – These are our bigger pastries that Mary mostly makes. Chocolate truffle and Sadie’s tiramisu top this one. She made a pumpkin and a Cherry-misu last year.

Bread – We have been putting more and more bread out for customers. We have our baguettes, and parisians, but started doing Foccacia, which for some reason is not the best seller, but we can’t understand why, it’s SO good to have when we go over friends houses. I warm ours up in the oven for 5-10 minutes or so. Sadie likes her’s a little on the al dente side, so she makes special batches for us!

Cakes – Sadie’s tiramisu. I go for our mousse cakes more than buttercream, although Avery and I have found that dipping our Olive bread into vanilla flavored buttercream is absolute heaven. We made two different types of lemon cake for a friends party, both from our lemon curd. Le-mon-y!

Pies – We make them every year around Thanksgiving and some throughout the summer, but our cherry pie and the pecan pie are awesome. Sadie has been getting into our blueberry tarts (what’s better than a personal size tart?).

Crepes – I have to admit, I get to make cool stuff off the menu all the time, but I make a mean ham and swiss, with honey mustard, with some herbs de provence on them. We have this on the menu, ask us to make you one!

Espresso – We weren’t out to take over the espresso world with 4 Starbucks on the four corners of 80th and Wads, but I like our espresso. We use Daz Bog beans, and we restored a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine that makes wonderful espresso. I usually do an espresso con panna (two espresso shots with whipped cream).

Sneak preview! – We have been experimenting with some real Sourdough starter from San Francisco at home. We are perfecting the technique. More to come.

Gluten Free?

We have customers ask if we carry any Gluten-Free products.  The answer is yes!   We know the challenge that our friends have with this.  Our Macarons and our meringues are not made with any wheat.  The meringues are made with egg whites and sugar.  The Macarons are made with almond flour, sugar and egg whites.   So for those going gluten free or not, come try these yummy no flour imagetreats out.