Our Bakery Staff


Mary – Pastry Chef – Mary has been with La Patisserie Francaise for almost it’s entire time open.  Mary makes all of our traditional personal French pastries such as the Swans, eclairs, napoleons, Nuns, as well as all our Petit fours, chocolate truffles, and Black Forest, and season favorites like Lemon mousse and the Peppermint Truffle.

Lynn – Manager / Cakes – Lynn has been with La Patisserie for eight years. Lynn is responsible for all of our house cakes such as the Peach Melba, Black Forest, and Mocha buttercream. Lynn makes all of our cakes, filling and icings by scratch. Lynn is also a decorator, and produces all of our Yule logs.

Shelby is our new assistant manager, and has been our decorator and baker for years.  Shelby is amazing at decorating our cookies, and has come up with some of the best themes over the years.  Shelby and Randy team up for Christmas to get over 1000 lbs of cookies done in less than a week!

Tanya – Baker –  Our wonderful bakers make all of our yummy breakfast, breads, and cookies.   These dedicated staffers have the morning shift, and are in waking the ovens up at 4:00 AM, so you can have yummy treats when we open.

Tanya is responsible for all of our dough.  All of our croissants, cinnamon rolls, and danishes all start with Tanya.  All of the dough is made from scratch, then proofed and formed into our pastries.