Yule logs already?

Wow, how did the year fly by? Some of us want to see 2020 behind us, but we have one sweet holiday left, and it’s the bakerys favorite. Why? Because we get to do all the sweet things we haven’t been able to do all year, like Yule logs!! It’s that time. Three favorites, chocolate, grand mariner, and mocha. Yum. Randy comes back into the bakery to make the chocolate decorations, and Lynn is already gearing up for our delicious cake, and buttercreams. We make all the decorations by hand. This fun cake is a rolled cake, with buttercream, and real Belgian chocolate decorations. These are the hit of the season, and we always sell more each year as the Yule log claims a spot in our customers hearts to celebrate the season. Pre-order soon, as if we make some additional ones to put out in the shop, they get snapped up as soon as we put them out. Seriously, we timed the first two extras last year, and they were gone in less than 5 minutes.. Don’t miss these!

Where did Yule Logs come from?

When in doubt, History.Com has the answers!!! The Yule Log came about in the Iron Ages (way back!) to celebrate Winter Solstice and were burned with holly, ivy, wine, salt, anything they thought would get rid of any bad juju left from that year to get a clean start into the new year (Sounds like we need a MASSIVE Yule log to end out 2020). The ashes of the Yule log were deemed to have good luck qualities to them!!

The Yule Log Cake appears to have started in the 1600s based on ingredients found in them. The bûche de Noël seems to have become popular in the 1900s by pastry chefs in France. Creating elaborately designed logs to celebrate the season!

Today, La Patisserie Francaise continues the tradition! We make ours with white sponge cake, offer 3 flavors of buttercream as filling, coat the outside in chocolate buttercream and decorate with our handmade decorations!

Flavors: Grand Marnier, Mocha, Chocolate

We usually suggest 1″ of log per person for serving sizes. We offer 4 different sizes:

  • 8″ – $49
  • 12″ $54
  • 16″ $65
  • 24″ $75

Please call 303-424-5056 or email sales@lapatbakery.com to order or for more information!!!