We made it through Christmas!

Wimg_7668.jpeghew.  That was one heck of a month.  Thank you all for coming to come get goodies to share with family and friends.  We truly are thankful that you chose us for your treats.  Our sugar cookies are the biggest seller leading up to Christmas.  I am constantly amazed on how much we do for Christmas.  Normally we do about 200 lbs of cookies (just our one by the pound) a month, but in December, we sold over 900 lbs, and we sold 250lbs in the last 4 days leading up to Christmas!  Wow.  Sadie brings me as extra help to gear up for that week.  All I did was cut and bake.  The girls are MUCH better decorators than me, but I did decorate the melted snowman, and I dipped a bunch.

You did know that they are chocolate covered, not iced right?  We think royal icing is too sweet, and chocolate is soo good.  Believe it or not, we are not sick of them, and we got to take home some leftover Christmas ones that I just finished.   I’ll let you in on a secret.  Our cookies are really a cross between a shortbread and sugar cookie, that and the chocolate is what makes them taste so good.  You did have some pizzelles and my extra awesome candied almonds too right?   I don’t get to contribute too throughout the year, but in December, I get to make a lot more.img_7655.jpeg

One of our long time employees is leaving to go overseas and she made me my favorite that I insist on every year as a going away present.  Peanut butter pie.  Its made simply with real peanut butter, whipped up with heavy cream and cream cheese, on top of our chocolate sable’s as the base, topped with our homemade ganache.  Its SOOO good.  Its rich, but thats how I like it.  We have some in the shop, and depending on people’s peanut butter tolerance, we may keep them as an official.  Let us know of you like them.  We only have a couple of peanut butter items in the shop, so we’ll see It seems salted caramel has taken over taste buds.