The owners favorites?

Sadie and I get asked all the time, what is your store favorite items? or don’t you get sick of this stuff? We remind ourselves often that it’s so very cool that we have not gotten sick of anything! But here is a list of my favorites:

Cherry turnovers – OMG yummy. We take our laminated dough and then add real cherries, wrap them up, and into the oven! The strudels are a close favorite too!
Ham and Cheese – I’m actually a bit more savory than sweet, so I really dig these.

Cookies – I’m a sucker for our sugar cookies (sometimes they don’t even make it into the oven), tuilles, ricciarelli’s and the pizzelles (of course). Our macarons are absolute heaven. I never was a salted caramel fan until I had some of ours. WOW! are they good.

Pastries – Nuns and “East Coast” eclairs. I am from Connecticut and our eclairs back east were made with more custard than the 25/75 ratio of mousse to custard like we use. We put them on special every now and again. 100% house made custard, yum! I do like a lot of our petit fours, especially the bon-bons. Fruit tarts! These are so darn good. We use fresh fruit that we cut up daily into our tart shells and pastry cream. Get one!

Small dessert pastries – These are our bigger pastries that Mary mostly makes. Chocolate truffle and Sadie’s tiramisu top this one. She made a pumpkin and a Cherry-misu last year.

Bread – We have been putting more and more bread out for customers. We have our baguettes, and parisians, but started doing Foccacia, which for some reason is not the best seller, but we can’t understand why, it’s SO good to have when we go over friends houses. I warm ours up in the oven for 5-10 minutes or so. Sadie likes her’s a little on the al dente side, so she makes special batches for us!

Cakes – Sadie’s tiramisu. I go for our mousse cakes more than buttercream, although Avery and I have found that dipping our Olive bread into vanilla flavored buttercream is absolute heaven. We made two different types of lemon cake for a friends party, both from our lemon curd. Le-mon-y!

Pies – We make them every year around Thanksgiving and some throughout the summer, but our cherry pie and the pecan pie are awesome. Sadie has been getting into our blueberry tarts (what’s better than a personal size tart?).

Crepes – I have to admit, I get to make cool stuff off the menu all the time, but I make a mean ham and swiss, with honey mustard, with some herbs de provence on them. We have this on the menu, ask us to make you one!

Espresso – We weren’t out to take over the espresso world with 4 Starbucks on the four corners of 80th and Wads, but I like our espresso. We use Daz Bog beans, and we restored a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine that makes wonderful espresso. I usually do an espresso con panna (two espresso shots with whipped cream).

Sneak preview! – We have been experimenting with some real Sourdough starter from San Francisco at home. We are perfecting the technique. More to come.