The great ricotta shortage of 2015 is over

Well, that’s a bit dramatic of a title, but it did feel like a lifetime for me.  We really only use ricotta in one of our recipes, cannolis.  It wasn’t that there were not other options for ricotta, but frankly those other ones were subpar.  Our supplier had three different kinds, which we tried, and were just not good enough.  All the supermarkets have ricotta, aren’t those sufficient? Nope.  We standardized on one kind.  It’s THE best.  The others taste a little off, have a funny consistency, and just aren’t what you’ve come to expect from us.  So instead of making some and just getting them out to sell, we waited for the good stuff to come back into stock.  It was killing me not to have them.   It’s important to us that you, our customer gets the very best, and consistent standard you’ve come to expect from any of our products.    We don’t take a change ingredients lightly around here, in fact, we’re a little stubborn.  So, while the world did not see a major shortage, we did.  Thanks for your patience as we waited with you.   Cannolis are back!