The case shuffle, and when are crepes coming back?

We had one of our OLD cases go down last week. it happens when they run 24×7. Our signature front cases are old and awesome, they are over 40 years old, and have gone through several fixes over the years, but this one finally let go, so we turned it off, and made it the non refrigerated case for things like breakfast pastries, straws, and meringues. We fired up the other case, and have our pastries inside it now. So we might be shuffling things around. Some people know exactly where to look for things, but don’t fret, they are just in the other case.

Ok, so what’s up with crepes? We had to take the crepe machine down over the summer while we hit the Denver labor shortage. We even took down the espresso machine during that time. We had a time period where we literally didn’t have any staff to work up front. It was entirely staffed by the back production staff. Crepes take a little bit of time, so when someone was making one, we had to bring yet another staff up front. It was starting to impact our ability to actually make things, so we temporarily discontinued crepes. As we trained up new staff, we started to feel like we could almost start up again, Thanksgiving and Christmas hit, which was incredibly busy.

Update: Since we have not been able to give this product it’s due attention, we have decided to discontinue crepes at La Patisserie, but will start to offer them at it’s sister company, BonBons at 67th and Pecos, when it opens in August.