Best cinnamon rolls in Arvada?

Wow.  Two people have come in this morning, and told us that ours are the best.  One lady even googled “best cinnamon rolls in Arvada” and we came up.   Someone also told us that in another city they use a special ingredient, which is why theirs is so good.  Cardamom.   Its no wonder they are getting noticed on Mother’s day.  groan.  Yes.  CardaMOM.  Dad’s everywhere are in stitches with that corny one.  I guess we’re behind on the marketing, but cardamom been a key ingredient for us all along.  Originally from Sweden, cinnamon rolls are supposed to have Cardamom in them.  Now, our rolls are not the moist, drippy, gooey, syrupy ones that some like.  Our rolls are traditional sweet rolls glazed with a pourable fondant that has been mixed with our simple syrup (made with real sugar), to be a glaze.   They have the right mix of spices of cinnamon and cardamom.  From scratch dough by the way.  Not some out of the bag mix we have seen at the restaurant supply houses.   Mix and water?  That’s not a cinnamon roll.  Our dough is handmade.  Eggs, flour, butter, yeast, milk, water, salt, sugar.  All things you can pronounce.  We roll out the dough on our dough sheeter  (possibly one of the coolest pieces of equipment we have) and then hand form them.  It’s a lot of work.  But you know what, I guess that’s why people are telling us we have the best cinnamon rolls in Arvada.  I think we might go national..   🙂

I tried to get a picture, and they were already half gone.  We opened up 45 min early as people tried to get Mom’s treats early.