Ricotta shortage of 2018

Yup, it seems to happen once a year, but this time it has been a couple times.  We are OUT of ricotta, which means we can’t make cannolis.  I only use one brand, and that’s it.  It is THE signature of the cannoli.  I have tried to use different ingredients in the past, but to no avail.  It always comes out runny. I have been working the front of the house a couple of days, and people kept coming up to me and asking about our missing cannoli’s.  One lady comes from Brighton, and another it was her pregnancy crave.  Most were just bummed we were out, but were happy to hear we would still make them, and we wouldn’t compromise quality just to sell them.  My normal supplier was out and for weeks.  I used another supplier, they had a case, which is a bit much, but I can always find a good use for ricotta, even at home.  There were 6, and they were only 3 lbs.  Hmm, lets give it a whirl.  This time I found some of the same brand, but it wasn’t the same style.  (think “original” vs “new york style”).   Well, it too was runny.  I was beside myself.  I called everyone, even the manufacturer.   I just have to wait.  It will be in next week, but it feels like I have let down my cannoli fans for  months.  Hang in there!!
Update:   We are all stocked and ready.  cannolis are back!