Macarons – A fun look back one year…

I like to check the stats of the things we sell.  It’s a metric thing I picked up from my IT job as a manager, and Sadie and I have great software tools to track how much we sold. We will be putting out the “best seller” once we compile more, but we get lost in the numbers, breaking it down by category and sometimes individual items.  One in particular we like to look at is macarons.  We sold over 15,700 macarons last year from July 2016 to July 2017!   WOW.

We love the flavors that Kelly has come up with.  We have varied our flavors, retired some, and brought some back.  We don’t track the individual flavor sales, but I think one of the customers favorites are salted caramel.  Kelly came out with raspberry cheesecake this year, super yummy, and lemon poppy seed is making a run.  She did a “cookie monster” and a smores that is out of this world.  We also did cookie dough and an orange cream.

Come in an check out a new flavors.  Got a suggestion?  Let us know!