We can Deliver!

Well, we’re wading back into delivery services. After a horrible experience for us with DoorDash (never again) we have been trying out a new service. We needed a way for our out of town customers to be able to send goodies to family and friends. Delivery for us was rough. We could jump in a car when we had the time, but that’s not convenient and our courier services needed to be scheduled out a few days. These guys will pick up on a quick same day schedule and deliver within a window. The fees are reasonable within the Denver area, and it isn’t based on amount like those other guys, who took a delivery fee and then 30% of the sale. Yuck. We will need to use their service to estimate the fees, and then schedule them. So far we’ve used them twice, but probably will go with them from now on as long as our tests and our first customers are happy. Obviously we need a delivery service that can get our goodies out, and not be predatory on small business. Just ask us for the delivery quote. Yay delivery!