Christmas is done :-(

Well, Christmas is one of the busiest seasons we have.  All of our staff is on hand for Christmas Eve day and we ramp up massively towards this day.  Although it’s crowded in the back while we get food out to everyone, we manage to have some festive cheer which we celebrate bakery style.  I normally make Parisian hot chocolate and I bring in the yearly stuffed shells, which is such as draw, even our previous employees come back for the days just to have some.  I feel so flattered.  We had almost all of our employees in, which is fun to have.  BUT, are we glad the rush is over, but thankful for all the customers days we made brighter with our goodies.

Some cool stats for December:

670 Lbs of cookies in December, and 320 lbs in the 5 days leading up to Christmas eve.  WHEW!

91 Yule logs.  If you add up all the sizes (8, 12,16, 24) times the number we sold, we ended up with 70 feet of yule logs!  WOW.

If you look at quantity of all things sold, the top 5 of any category are:

  1. Sugar cookies by the pound
  2. Russian Tea cookies
  3. Small cannolis
  4. Peanut Butter cookies
  5. Butter Croissants

Although, if you look at individuals the macaron comes in quite near the top, as we normally sell them in quantities (1,3,5,12), so they like to hide in the numbers.  Over 1285 individual ones in December.  Yum.

Breakfast pastries – the butter croissant beat out the chocolate by 3.  Photo finish!

Personal pastries – small cannoli tops this one, but quickly followed by napoleons, chocolate eclairs and petit fours, swans and a close fresh fruit tart.

Cakes – Chocolate Mousse won by far! Followed by Raspberry Duchess, and Black Forest.

More stats to come for the year.