Behind the scenes of the bakery: A series from our staff

We will be posting several articles from our staff that produce our goodies from scratch. It will range from making croissants to how we do our classic cakes, and maybe even our macarons.. We think the process is absolutely facinating, but not many of our customers get to see the behind the scenes work our staff puts in to get our products out. One of our staff is a journalist, and will be putting out the first article on croissants. While we can’t have you all into the kitchen, talking out the process is the next best thing. Enjoy!

We’re open!!

The bakery is still open and besides putting away the chairs for eat in, we haven’t changed at all and still need your help to keep our staff going. We have reduced hours and will close on Monday and Tuesday, but we will continue to offer our goodies while we all weather this out.

A bit delayed with all the snow

Sadie made it in to keep baking Thanksgiving pies, but we told our staff to stay at home until this clear out a bit more. We know not a lot of people are out shopping, but we might be a bit delayed opening, and definitely short staffed. Sadie is trying to get all the pies baked so orders for today can still go out, but call to be sure, also you can delay until tomorrow for pickup too!.

The case shuffle, and when are crepes coming back?

We had one of our OLD cases go down last week. it happens when they run 24×7. Our signature front cases are old and awesome, they are over 40 years old, and have gone through several fixes over the years, but this one finally let go, so we turned it off, and made it the non refrigerated case for things like breakfast pastries, straws, and meringues. We fired up the other case, and have our pastries inside it now. So we might be shuffling things around. Some people know exactly where to look for things, but don’t fret, they are just in the other case.

Ok, so what’s up with crepes? We had to take the crepe machine down over the summer while we hit the Denver labor shortage. We even took down the espresso machine during that time. We had a time period where we literally didn’t have any staff to work up front. It was entirely staffed by the back production staff. Crepes take a little bit of time, so when someone was making one, we had to bring yet another staff up front. It was starting to impact our ability to actually make things, so we temporarily discontinued crepes. As we trained up new staff, we started to feel like we could almost start up again, Thanksgiving and Christmas hit, which was incredibly busy.

Update: Since we have not been able to give this product it’s due attention, we have decided to discontinue crepes at La Patisserie, but will start to offer them at it’s sister company, BonBons at 67th and Pecos, when it opens in August.

Yule Logs are here!

It’s that time of year again.  Buche de Noel, also called Yule logs.  Our rolled buttercream cakes are perfect for your Christmas gathering.  We have our traditional three favors, and are garnished with handmade chocolate and meringue decorations.  We are taking pre orders now for these special treats.  Our flavors come in traditional chocolate, mocha, and Grand Mariner.  Don’t miss this traditional cake!

We had heard that this was just featured on the Great British Baking Show, it’s good to see this holiday favorite so prominently displayed.  Fans will be glad to know our traditional cake,  only wholesome ingredients, real buttercream, go into our scratch made crowning jewel of the Christmas dessert table.

Ricotta shortage of 2018

Yup, it seems to happen once a year, but this time it has been a couple times.  We are OUT of ricotta, which means we can’t make cannolis.  I only use one brand, and that’s it.  It is THE signature of the cannoli.  I have tried to use different ingredients in the past, but to no avail.  It always comes out runny. I have been working the front of the house a couple of days, and people kept coming up to me and asking about our missing cannoli’s.  One lady comes from Brighton, and another it was her pregnancy crave.  Most were just bummed we were out, but were happy to hear we would still make them, and we wouldn’t compromise quality just to sell them.  My normal supplier was out and for weeks.  I used another supplier, they had a case, which is a bit much, but I can always find a good use for ricotta, even at home.  There were 6, and they were only 3 lbs.  Hmm, lets give it a whirl.  This time I found some of the same brand, but it wasn’t the same style.  (think “original” vs “new york style”).   Well, it too was runny.  I was beside myself.  I called everyone, even the manufacturer.   I just have to wait.  It will be in next week, but it feels like I have let down my cannoli fans for  months.  Hang in there!!
Update:   We are all stocked and ready.  cannolis are back!

Macarons – A fun look back one year…

I like to check the stats of the things we sell.  It’s a metric thing I picked up from my IT job as a manager, and Sadie and I have great software tools to track how much we sold. We will be putting out the “best seller” once we compile more, but we get lost in the numbers, breaking it down by category and sometimes individual items.  One in particular we like to look at is macarons.  We sold over 15,700 macarons last year from July 2016 to July 2017!   WOW.

We love the flavors that Kelly has come up with.  We have varied our flavors, retired some, and brought some back.  We don’t track the individual flavor sales, but I think one of the customers favorites are salted caramel.  Kelly came out with raspberry cheesecake this year, super yummy, and lemon poppy seed is making a run.  She did a “cookie monster” and a smores that is out of this world.  We also did cookie dough and an orange cream.

Come in an check out a new flavors.  Got a suggestion?  Let us know!

City of Arvada – Youtube spot

Cool!  City of Arvada stopped in to make this piece on us.  It was a a lot of fun and gets to show off some of our behind the scenes bakery work.  Our employees make the difference, and not often up front, so it was fun to see their talents being shown.  Enjoy!


A chocolate affair

We are here at the Arvada chocolate festival and we are tasting our bonbons… it’s a homemade brownie, then chocolate mousse, covered in ganache.  Our customers have better words to describe it than we do!  This was the first 30 minutes we were here.  Here are the comments:

  • “Not to miss”
  • “Oh my god”
  • “Awesome”
  • “Mmmmm”
  • “..that’s wonderful”
  • “ die for”
  • “These look amazing”
  • “Oh my goodness”

And my favorite:  “…deadly”