An owners reflection on from scratch baking

A guilty pleasure of mine is Kitchen Nightmares. I actually like Gordon Ramsay, if you get a chance see the ‘F-Word’ on BBC, you’ll see a fantastic side of Gordon. He’s wise, passionate, a local food pusher, and pushes high standards. So when we see what happens with the episodes, his insistence is always fresh, vibrant, local if possible, and from scratch made. I just watched an episode he made in Colorado. Why would a patron eat in a store that didn’t make it fresh? Why would you want to go to a store when they just defrost someone else’s product? Do you know what’s in that product? I do. I watch all of our staff make spectacular, yummy desserts, made from scratch. Seriously, ask any chef in Denver to see if they make their own laminated dough (the dough we make our croissants and breakfast pastries with) from scratch, they will tell you they buy it. We have Val. She makes all our croissant dough. She makes it the old fashioned way, on our sheeter. Who makes our bread every day? Our baker does. Who makes our yummy cakes? Lynn. How does Lynn make our cakes? From scratch. We make sponge, which is meringue, flour and butter. How do we make our macarons? From almond flour, eggs and sugar. How do I (yes, even I make from scratch) our Pizzelles ? From flour, sugar and eggs. Yes some anise extract, but extract, not flavoring. Ingredients: alcohol, water, oils. Did you know that Sadie makes her own vanilla extract out of alcohol and beans? And wow, is it flavorful, and the good ones too, Tahitian beans. They are more expensive, but we know that you guys can taste the difference.

From scratch is one of the core values of our bakery, we know that is what makes our customers come back again and again. Thank you for supporting us!