Long time, no blog

Whoa, it’s been a bit.  We’ve been busy this year.  Our breakfast pastries, breads, and desserts are now in several restaurants in town.  How cool is that? Some of our wholesale customers asked us to do something different for a couple of their functions.  We did a flan, and tres leches cake, as well as a couple of different cookies (a really yummy cinnamon one, and a hazelnut chocolate chip),  and we have a couple more new pastries up our sleeve.  I’m not letting too much out yet, but we are perfecting the final presentation, but they taste OMG amazing..    We have several events coming up in Arvada, and will post exactly when and where, so you won’t miss the yummy desserts.  We have a beer fest, where we will be selling some goodies we don’t have in the shop to try them out and stretch our culinary legs a bit.  We’ve sold them before and we make them as special items, and beer is in them!   Can you guess?

We make so many items, sometimes an item falls off, or we retire one for a season, like our pizzelles.  I know some of you have asked about them.  Randy is the one who normally makes them.  As you might not know, he is an IT geek, and has been traveling a bit more, and hasn’t had much kitchen time.  Pizzelles are traditionally Christmas cookies, but sometimes we just like to make them.  Some of our customers have noticed and ask for them all the time.  Not to disappoint, we make them on special order, or if Randy is in, he makes them just to put out.  One request which is tough to fill is Parisian hot chocolate.  It’s possibly the best drink on earth (ok, biased), but we start with Belgian chocolate, rich whole milk, a little sugar and some love (awww..).  It’s sort of a chore to make, and we make it for our staff on special occasions, but we do sell it when we have it.   Since it’s summer, we haven’t made some lately, but if you hear we have some, try some, I guarantee, it’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.  For our #1 chocolat chaud fan, thank you for the wedding referral!

Bit of a ramble on this post, but we are just two owners, who want to share a bit of our life in the bakery with you, our loyal customer.  We believe that being small, local, and from scratch is why you keep coming back.  We love to meet our customers.  Most hit us up at events, and some ask us to sit down to share the joy our pastries have made throughout their life.  Lots of people tell us their mom took them here, and now they take their children here.  Being in business almost 28 years and being part of your lives is totally flattering to us.  We love to hear those stories.  It truly is why we own this bakery.  THANK YOU!!

P.S. – (can you still write that?) – I promise to do more photos in the blog.  We have LOTS in Facebook, but I think a blog should have cool photos too.