Peppermint Patty Macarons

Well, we tried something out and OMG, it’s awesome.  I am in charge of the all of the chocolate tempering for some reason.  We use real good Belgian chocolate.  I am partial to the dark stuff, and this is 53.7%.  Milk chocolate is around 33%.  I found some old peppermint patty candy molds and we made supper yummy peppermint patties that have yet to make it out onto the floor, as we keep eating them, but we are making “truffles” and individual candies.  We make pistachio ganache, raspberry, salted caramel, hazelnut, and we just did peppermint cream filled chocolates.  BUT, we took our peppermint cream and put them on chocolate macaroons.  Uh oh.  Heaven.  We have them in the case and I think they’ll be quick to sell out (don’t worry Sadie keeps a good eye on that and will make some more).  Peppermint just seems the right flavor for the holidays.  Very Christmas-ey in my opinion.  Oh yeah, try some of our homemade chocolates too, Sadie just put them out.

IMG_5732I haven’t got a good picture of the macarons yet, as we keep “trying” them out.  But here is our chocolates.   Aren’t they pretty?  We haven’t settled on a certain shape and flavor. Let us know what you think.